Manawatu Striders – winter series (10km) – 3 July 2011

The song by Bob Dylan, called “Orange Juice Blues”, was ringing in my ears this morning, and I figured it might just as well be my theme song :). The words stayed with me all day… “I had a hard time waking this morning. I got a lotta things on my mind. … I have a hard time waking most mornings. And it’s been that way for a month or more”

When we woke up, the first thing Gerry did, was to check the Metservice website for a weather update:  “-1.9 degrees celsius, feels like -3“, and suggesting however many layers of clothing to wear. I was really in a pickle, not having the foggiest idea (no pun intended) as to what to wear, and how many layers thereof (despite Metservices’ suggestions). You might need 4 layers when going out for a casual stroll in the park at zero degrees, but when running it gets a bit more complicated. Continue reading