Specsavers Hastings half marathon (13 April 2014)

With the first of our back-to-back 21s in the bag, we were looking forward to the next one which should give us a good indication of where we are with our training for the marathon in three weeks time.

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Great Forest Events – Waitarere half marathon (12 April 2014)

The Great Forest Events saw its 18th running this year and boasted a whopping 3243 finishers over all 8 disciplines: 42.2km run and walk, 21.1km run and walk, 10km run and walk, and a 5km run and walk. With the Rotorua marathon only 3 weeks away, we decided to do back-to-back half marathons as our weekend long run.

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Change your breathing rhythm to fix/prevent ITB problems


When we first took up running in 2001, I made all the classic mistakes: too fast, too far, too soon. The end result? ITB syndrome. I went from one physio to the next and finally one casually mentioned that my one leg is longer than the other. The said leg presumably is taking all the hammering resulting in ITB problems. No other explanation was given at the time. Continue reading