Pelorus Trust Half Marathon

This has got to be our race of almosts. Firstly I yet again missed the two hours mark with less than a minute (39 seconds, to be exact – too many photo breaks, perhaps?). Secondly Gerry’s name was drawn as “first back-up” to the winners of the major spot-prize (7 days’ accommodation at Rarotonga), meaning that, unless one of the actual winners decided not to take up their prize, we only just missed out on a great island holiday. So close. On the plus side, if any of the actual winners decides not to use their prize for whatever reason, we’re up for a cool holiday – fingers crossed! Continue reading

Mt Tongariro summit and back – 19.5km


It is very hard to imagine temperatures of minus seven degrees Celsius, in icy winds and sleet, when you are tucked up cosy and dry in front of a fire. We were contemplating the day ahead over a cold happy hour beer in the comforts of The Park lodge in National Park Village, before turning in for a good nights sleep.

In the morning we chatted about the weather to the gentleman who prepared our breakfast – a friendly old bloke who’s probably lived around the area forever. He gave the mountain one good look as thick clouds were rolling over the mountains tops, and announced with a chuckle: “maybe your hike will turn into an adventure!”. Bummer? Yay? Always trust the local knowledge. But not to be deterred, we quickly grabbed out stuff and headed towards the Mangatepopo Road End where we parked the car for the day, hoping we might beat the looming inclement weather. Continue reading

Tora Coastal Challenge mudder madness – 32km

There’s no doubt that this event was a unique challenge, and something I will certainly never forget. The jury is still out, however, on whether it was a positive experience.

To be the proverbial stick in the mud (literally!), allow me to give my very subjective opinion on the event that’s now a week in the past. Just to keep the yin-yang intact, I’ll try to tell it as it was. 😉 At least my experience of the day as a very average (heck, maybe even below average), back-of-the-pack runner. Continue reading