Rainy day runs

pic2Have you ever sat in your car very early on a cold morning, looking at the start banner of some or other race, steaming up the windows while the rain is pouring outside, thinking to yourself, “you have to be crazy to be here right now…” In fact, probably all non-runners, including your family, will consider you stark raving mad. Continue reading

Kapiti Classic Beach Races (21.1km) – 13 March 2011

For lack of another word, I can only say that this race is awesome! What a gem. NZ is full of these very nice off-the-beaten-track small town races and the Kapiti Classic, a newby on the calendar, is no exception. Another inaugural for us.

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Bayleys Mountain to Surf Marathon (5 March 2011)

Having done the Mountain to Surf in 2008, our first international marathon, I was very eager to run the race again. My memories of the previous event was generally good, that it was a well organised event, apart from a cold wind and rain in the second half of the run (not that the organisers could do anything about that!). The organisers also offered us accommodation for the night before the event and was generally very kind to us. They made us feel most welcome.

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Feilding Moa 21.1km (27 February 2011)

“The 15th running of the Roy Lamberton Memorial half marathon introduces a brand new town & country course starting and finishing at the Makino Aquatic Centre. Also new is the 2-person relay section for the half marathon – that’s around 10.5km each. Or try the shorter 5 km event, including a 4 person schools and business house team competition where each team members time is combined for a total distance of 20km. We offer a measured loop course of 21.097km, mostly along quiet rural Manawatu roads with a gentle 75m rise and fall. All events start and finish at Makino Aquatic Centre on the corner of Manchester St and Council Pl. It goes along Manchester St, left into West St, out of town along Awahuri Rd, right at Lees Rd, left into Sandon, (the transition for the half marathon relay) right at Te Rakehou for 1.5km out and back, returning via Sandon Rd, West St and Manchester St.  Each kilometre will be marked.” [http://www.harriersnz.350.com/HALF_MARATHON.htm]

Gerry and I arrived shortly after 8:00 to register for the event, on a cool and overcast morning. It seemed pure madness to pay $40 for a 21.1km event, taking into account that in SA it would cost around R40 or less. However, we really needed the training and having to run 21km on one’s own is always much more of a challenge.

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O budget, where art thou?


Race entry fee:

Buying a commemorative T-shirt:

The burn of the air in your lungs as you clear that hill at the 25km mark:

Yes, its difficult to measure, in monetary terms, the value you get out of a running event. Looking back at the past decade, few things have left a deeper impression in my memory than the wonderful, tough and enjoyable races we’ve been fortunate enough to be part of. Continue reading