About Jog around the Blog

For the love of running

For the love of running

How often have you picked up a running magazine with inspiring cover stories like “Running your best 10k”, or “Getting back to running after the Christmas break”, only to find that, even though it seems to be aimed at Joe Public, it’s really filled with technical mumbo-jumbo from Professor Personal Best, or Olympic triathlete Sally Super Sprint, involving things like VO2 max, lactate threshold and aerobic capacity – enough to make your head hurt so bad that you feel like rather lying down and postponing your long run until tomorrow.

Well, that’s not what we’re aiming for with this blog. What you will find instead are the everyday experiences of two regular Joe’s (a Jill and a Joe, to be more exact) who love to run, and to get out into nature. Who run because its fun, and who enjoy the endorphin rush that comes for free. We’re not fast. Heck, we’re not even average – we’re dedicated back-of-the-packers. But we know that even if we go out and run five kilometers at a seven minute pace, we’ve achieved more than 90% of the population who’s biggest exercise achievement for the day is walking from the car to the office (or from the office to the canteen, whichever is further).

Jog around the Blog is a a long-form love letter to running, jogging, hiking and tramping. And sometimes even cycling, swimming, or whatever other activity tickles our collective fancy.

For anyone who loves stepping out for an invigorating early morning jog, but finds getting out of bed tough as hell. Who loves the burn of cold air in their lungs, irrespective of technicalities like fartleks, negative splits, or 90% race pace. For whom a black (or missing) big toe nail is just part of your look. For whom sharing war stories with the back-of-the-pack gang at races is as important as clocking up a new PB.

Whether you prefer the solitude of a daily lone run, get energised by a weekly run around the neighbourhood with regular running buddies, or love hitting some far away mountain track, we sincerely hope you will find something of interest on this blog.

Gerry and Wouna


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