Super Seven Series – Race 3

Things were going well for the back-of-the-packers. We did our daily jog. Fitted in the long-runs on weekends. Entered for the Rotorua marathon which is happening on 2 May. And then life got in the way. Funny how this always happens the moment you commit to something big. Continue reading

Super Seven Series 2014 – Race 1

It’s summer in the Manawatu, and the Super Seven Series is under way. As reported in the local newspaper, the Manawatu Standard, “You know it is summer when the Striders Super Sevens starts up again.”

Tuesday evening we participated in the first of the 2014 series of runs (seven races of seven kilometres each) taking place on consecutive Tuesdays through January/February. And what an evening it turned out to be, with the rather foul weather of the previous few days making way for a lovely, balmy evening in Palmy. Which may in part explain why a whopping 1 659 people turned up. Continue reading

It’s time for the Super Seven Series!

It’s January, and if you’re a runner in the Manawatu, that means one thing – it’s time for the Super Seven Series!

Starting a week from today, the Super Sevens consist of 7 weekly runs of 7kms each, run every Tuesday afternoon from 14 January to 25 February. By far the biggest race series in the region, between 1400 and 1500 people from Palmerston North and its neighbouring towns turn out every Tuesday for a run along the Manawatu river. While I’m sure there’s some serious racing going on at the front of the field, for the most part it’s a laid back, social event, with participants of every shape and size joining in on the fun.

Hundreds of people next to the Manawatu River on their way back to the finish.

Hundreds of people next to the Manawatu River on their way back to the finish.

Continue reading

A sorry sight.

Yesterday, before discarding our 2013 year-planner (that had been stuck on the bathroom door for the past year), we decided, with some reservations, to add up the numbers and get an idea of our running/walking “accomplishments” of 2013.

I’m putting accomplishments in inverted commas because 2013 must have been more or less our worst running year since we first took up the habit at the turn of the century. Despite our best intentions, and numerous attempts to get back into some training schedule, our running just never got off the ground, and until the last quarter of the year we pretty much never managed to get beyond the breakdown phase of our training. Continue reading

Round the Mountain Track (25-29 December 2013)

Even seasoned hikers of 24 years make “mistakes”. Any tramper, even a complete novice, will tell you it’s a big no-no to wear new – yes, you read right, brand new! – boots on a tramp. Especially a five day one at that. Continue reading