Jumbo-Holdsworth Trail Race – marshalling at Holdsworth trig

29-30 January

The weeks before and after, including the event itself flew by in a blur. As a result I do not have notes of any kind about the outing and only a single photo from Powell Hut to remind me of the adventure.

What I do remember is that we collected the emergency equipment from the Holdsworth campsite warden at around 2pm, and saw Chris S in the carpark who was on the mountain the previous night when the southerly came though dusting Mt Holdsworth with snow. He mentioned it was freezing up at the tops. We starting walking at about 2:30pm.

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Marshalling on Mt Holdsworth (Jumbo-Holdsworth Trail Race – 25 January)

24 January: Powell Hut via Gentle Annie, Totara Flat, Pig Flat and Holdsworth Track

The month of January is not even finished yet and I already felt like I needed a holiday. Luckily we had the prospect of the two days back in the Tararua Range. Since our tramp over New Year I’ve been keen to get back in the mountain, but on “easier” and more “human friendly” terrain. Continue reading

Wairarapa Country half marathon, and some

Date: 13 October
Distance: 21.1km
Time: 2:21.40
Previous: 2014

I can’t help but wonder when I will line up at the start of an event again feeling just half prepared, and not physically in a bad way (stressed out, migraine, anxious, niggles everywhere, you get the gist). All this comes down to daily life. It’s tough isn’t it? When you have a million things to do every day and you’re always behind schedule, it just gets on one’s nerves and causes all sorts of problems. Continue reading

Tauranga marathon

Date: 20 September 2019
Distance: 42.2km
Time: 5:26.12
Previous: 2017 (inaugural)

On Friday morning, shortly after breakfast, the power suddenly went out. That was when it dawned on us that council scheduled a power outage from 8:30 until 3pm. The house needed a vacuum, the washing machine was halfway through its cycle, the dishes needed cleaning, we hadn’t showered yet and I was still going to cook us something for the road and dinner. We couldn’t wait until after 3pm, so out came the broom while I was cussing away at the wall-to-wall carpet. Oh, how I hate thee! It’s just a breeding ground for allergies and impossible to truly clean. No matter how much water and soap you throw at it, unless you have suction that can peel the carpet off of the floor, you won’t be getting all the crap out. Ever. Well, that’s my take on it anyway. Continue reading

Hatuma Lime half marathon

Date: 15 September 2019
Distance: 21.1km
Time: 2:17
Previous:  2011, 2014, 20152016, 2017

It was our sixth outing to Waipukurau for the annual Hatuma Lime half marathon, still the event we’ve done the most times of all. Hard to say why we go back almost every year. Maybe because it has by now become a “thing” – the event we’ve done most times? Continue reading