New Year’s Resolutions – the Easy (!?) Eight

Well, here we are – hard to believe it’s 2014 already! It’s the first day of the new year, and with Christmas, New Year’s Eve and all the festivities behind us, we can start to look forward to the year ahead. As corny and silly as new year’s resolutions can be, I guess it’s pretty hard to avoid – even if your main resolution is to not have a new year’s resolutions list, we all secretly have a few things in mind that we want to take on, achieve, improve on, perhaps even avoid or quit.

Personally, Wouna and I have never been the type of couple prone to compiling highly detailed, lofty lists of goals and targets, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have plans and aspirations! So here goes – the vague and rather tentative Jog Around the Blog Easy Eight:

  1. For starters, commit to more regular training. No more of this ‘knit one, slip one’ approach to training – our goal is to cover at least 8km each day, either running or walking. On the days we don’t run, we want to get out more, and spend time on the many wonderful trails in the Manawatu.  Even if we don’t quite make the 8km daily target, as long as we can achieve the ‘daily’ bit, we’d be happy.
  2. Speaking of hikes and trails, another goal is to put some serious back country mileage on our brand new Zamberlan hiking boots, bought just before the Round the Mountain tramp we embarked on over Christmas (more on this amazing trail soon). Hopefully by the end of this year these boots will be well worn and full of character from lots of quality time spent tramping in the Tararua and Ruahine mountain ranges and beyond. Oh, by the way, our target for the year is to include at least one, but preferably 2 or more, proper, multi-day hikes (the 5-days-or-more variety).

    Some embarrassingly new boots.

    Some embarrassingly new boots – can’t wait to take a comparative pic a year down the line!

  3. On the New Zealand running calendar, there are many events we’ve been eyeing for years and which we hope to get to this year. In terms of the ‘biggies’, our goal is to finish at least 3 marathons, starting with the Rotorua marathon in early May, a highlight of the New Zealand road running calendar which celebrates its 50th year in 2014. The other two slots are still open, but we’re already eyeing the Wellington marathon in June, the 5 Bridges Marathon in August and the Wairarapa Marathon in October, among others.
  4. Tackle something big, preferably off-road. While we would have loved to enter the Tarawera Ultra (100/85km) this year, it’s scheduled just a little too early in the year, in March already – no way we’d be ready for that! So we’ll have to consider something a little bit closer to the tail-end of 2014 – perhaps the Taniwha (60km) in the Waikato, or the Molesworth Run (84km) in Marlborough, both in November, or the Kepler Challenge down south in Otago, in December. Just mentioning these events already scare me a little, which means they must be good stretching targets – ooh, exciting!!
  5. Generally speaking, do more off-road running (both events and informal trail runs). We really are spoilt for choice in terms of wonderful off-road trails and events – hopefully there will be many muddy, dirty and dusty race reports coming this year!

    Run more trails.

    Run more trails.

  6. Start paying a tad more attention to cross-training. Whether it’s squats and sit-ups in the living room, a few lengths in the local pool, or some time in the saddle of our mountain bikes, these can obviously only do us good.
  7. Stretch. ‘Nuff said.
  8. Blog more. I’ve previously committed to a post-a-day-for-a-year blog, and knowing how much of my life that ended up consuming, I’m not exactly tempted to do it again. However, surely we can manage a blog a week, right? So that’s the goal, and in between we’ll also try to post more regularly on our Jog Around the Blog Facebook page.

    Write more posts for Jog Around the Blog.

    Write more posts for Jog Around the Blog.

Well that’s it – 8 easy targets, right? I already know there’s not much chance of us managing even close to 100% compliance to the list, but that’s not really the point. These are things we’d love to pursue this year, and if we can manage more than half of it, we’d already be thrilled.

What exciting plans do you have for the year?

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