Ignorence is bliss – Norsewood to Takapau

Date: 12 July 2015

Distance: 21.1km

Time: 2:15.03

Previous: 2014

If it wasn’t for the fact that in my mind it wasn’t going to rain, we would probably not have driven all the way to Hawke’s Bay to do the Norsewood to Takapau fun run again. The last time we checked the weather forecast (the night before), the prediction was for a fine day, overcast and cool, but no rain. So blissfully unaware was I of the updated forecast overnight that I didn’t even bother to pack any wet weather gear!

You can only imagine my surprise then when we found ourselves amidst a drizzle/mist spray during our drive from Palmy to Norsewood. Worst is, our training was also a bit off the rails again – another week of only two training runs, due to bad weather and other unforeseen circumstances. The usual weekend long-run was looming and because of a change in work schedule we ended up having the day free. And what better way to spent a Sunday morning than with other runners/walkers on an event. It was meant to be. Continue reading

Staples Rodway Cape Kidnappers Challenge – 32km

I don’t think anyone can blame us for feeling some trepidation in the days leading up to the Cape Kidnappers Challenge, a trail run on the Hawkes Bay coast near Hastings. This race came four weeks after the Tora Coastal Challenge – the mud bath we muddled through in early September. As with the Tora Challenge it was a 32km coastal trail run, taking place on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island. As with the Tora the weather leading up to the event had been pretty dismal.

Given our Tora experience, battling through 32kms of mud for 6 hours, we weren’t exactly expecting a fun day out on the trails as we set off to Hastings the Friday before the race. It was a miserable day – cold, wet and windy – and Metservice had issued a severe weather warning for the entire Hawkes Bay area for gale force winds over the weekend. We were clearly in for crazy weather. We even briefly contemplated abandoning the event – weighing up the cost of not doing an event we already paid for, against the added costs of travelling the 150+ km from Palmy to Hastings, paying for overnight accommodation, and risk having the race cancelled and losing our entry fees anyway (the race had a no refund cancellation policy). Continue reading

Norsewood to Takapau – 21.1km

Since the Wellington marathon three weeks ago, we ran an average of four times per week. Not too bad, I guess, but not as much as I hoped. There were too many days of foul weather and laziness. We also did a trail run, the first of many more to come leading up to the Tarawera 100. Yep, we took the plunge and entered for the beast – something I’ve been wanting to do for the past few years. (Am I repeating myself?)

As is always the case (at least for me) with your weekly long-run training, it is so much nicer to cover the distance with other people. Knowing you’ve got company out there, even if you don’t utter a single word to anyone else, is enough to make the run easier. The joys of running for most people might be that they get alone time. Time to switch off and have only their own thoughts to keep them company. I get that. I do that too! But I still prefer to have other people around, just to see them even if I am caught up in my own thoughts and pretty much ignoring everybody else. Continue reading

Te Mata Terrific Tui 21km trail run (Hawke’s Bay) – 18 May


When last did you find yourself knee-deep in poo? Not that it is a prerequisite for this event, but if the opportunity presents itself, why not grab it with all four paws? Continue reading

Specsavers Hastings half marathon (13 April 2014)

With the first of our back-to-back 21s in the bag, we were looking forward to the next one which should give us a good indication of where we are with our training for the marathon in three weeks time.

Continue reading