Mt Tongariro summit and back – 19.5km


It is very hard to imagine temperatures of minus seven degrees Celsius, in icy winds and sleet, when you are tucked up cosy and dry in front of a fire. We were contemplating the day ahead over a cold happy hour beer in the comforts of The Park lodge in National Park Village, before turning in for a good nights sleep.

In the morning we chatted about the weather to the gentleman who prepared our breakfast – a friendly old bloke who’s probably lived around the area forever. He gave the mountain one good look as thick clouds were rolling over the mountains tops, and announced with a chuckle: “maybe your hike will turn into an adventure!”. Bummer? Yay? Always trust the local knowledge. But not to be deterred, we quickly grabbed out stuff and headed towards the Mangatepopo Road End where we parked the car for the day, hoping we might beat the looming inclement weather. Continue reading

T42 trail marathon – 7 May 2011

On Wednesday, 4 May, we received the fourth and final email update from Total Sport concerning the T42 Central Plateau marathon. Things that were covered in the email, included:

  • Weather update
  • Event contingency date
  • Compulsory gear update
  • Event course update
  • Department of Conservation / Didymo
  • Safety on the course
  • Event start times & locations
  • Course cut-off times
  • Aid stations
  • Gear drop off at start
  • Transport
  • Registration at The Park
  • Post event at Owhango
  • Prize Money
  • Event Photos
  • Dinner & post event at The Park

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