Cambridge Half Marathon

Date: 23 August 2015
Distance: 21.1km
Time: 2:15:41

This was one of those runs. The kind that just happens to be there when you are. Without giving the distance or anything else much thought, you end up doing it, because why not? With work, lots of traveling and a few other things in the mix, turning up for the event was just another item on our to-do list for the week. And I’m glad we did.

Cambridge is a very quaint, pretty little town. We usually just drive through en route to somewhere, but this time decided to spend the weekend. By doing this we could also fit in the Hamilton Parkrun (a first for me) among other things.

Contrary to my expectations, the event was rather big compared to other small town events. Some 300+ participants in the half marathon run and walk, and a further 600-odd across the other events (10km and a 5km run and walk) make this one of the larger events around. Running through farmlands in a beautiful landscape on fairly quiet roads in the countryside, makes for a very enjoyable run. Overall a fairly flat course with just a few inclines, ideal to run a good time, I reckon, if you’re in the market for a 21.1km PB.

A rather funny thing happened around the halfway mark. As we approached a bushy farm gate, a sudden racket started up and as someone who owns guinea fowl I immediately recognised their shrieks, usually when something is upsetting them. It turns out a guy who tried to have a quiet pee in the bush next to the gate, dismayed the guineas who are excellent watch dogs and don’t take lightly to strangers invading their space. Poor guy trying to be unobtrusive, ended up being spotted by everyone who passed the farm gate! All thanks to some territorial birds. 🙂

From about the 17km mark I could feel the effect of our haphazard training over the past couple of months in my legs. For the first time in forever, my knees suddenly felt wobbly and sore. With being sick for weeks on end, we’ve been running long distances on the weekends (usually because races are really expensive and we had already made use of early bird entry discounts long before I got sick), without doing much training during the week, as I tried to get rid of among others, a cold. And as a good friend from yonks ago once mentioned – ‘you can’t just run in events on the weekend, you need a bit of training during the week too!’ But this is where I’m at at the moment – a weekend warrior. Hopefully things will get better soon and we can get back to more consistent running during the week as well.

The Cambridge Half Marathon is a well organised, lovely outing in a scenic part of the country, that draws a surprisingly large field thanks to its proximity to Hamilton and even Auckland, and I’m glad we had the opportunity to be part of it.

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