The intrepid trapper: Week 21

After 21 weeks of exploring and seeing, up close, a part of the country I never would have otherwise, my adventures came to an end at the Southern Ruahine Kiwi Habitat Restoration Project.

Life is a funny old thing, and the only certain thing is that everything is uncertain. It is nonetheless sad for me and a very difficult decision to have made to leave. Due to a number of reasons – none of which had anything to do with working outside, in sometimes challenging weather, cleaning rotten critters out of traps, and often being knee deep in mud or cow poo – I made the call to move on.

We went for a run on the beach on a beautiful sunny day which was good, and topped it off by scoffing down some fish & chips which was perhaps not the healthiest but very good. You win some, you lose some.

Ultreia et suseia

2 thoughts on “The intrepid trapper: Week 21

  1. Hi Wouna. Ok, all good. The trapping job would have be interesting and challenging. Time for something else now I guess. Did you run at Foxton Beach with F&C from Mr Grumpy? We have been out at our bach for most of the weekend (popped back into town for Sat night to go to friends for dinner & Sun morning for a short slow Striders run with a couple of new runners) and are back here now if you want to drop in. Cheers. Kevin

  2. hi Kevin, that would have been great, but the above run was actually last weekend at Foxton Beach. Yes, it was F&C from Mr Grumpy. 🙂 You will recognise the spot where the pic was taken near the estuary.! A catch-up some time will be good.

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