Manawatu Striders Super Seven Series #2 (25 January 2011)

Gerry decided to treat this one as a time-trial to see what he is capable of when he’s not trotting along with me. So, for the first time in about eight years, we ran separately.

And how strange it was! I am so used to having someone to chat to on every run that I could hear myself talking to myself in my head (I am a gemini, after all!). Every now and then I would look around to see if someone heard me mumbling something in my head.

And it turned out quite well and an interesting exercise. Gerry managed a 33:45 and I, 41:08 for the 7km. Taking into account that he never ever get to run faster than my 6 or 7min/km pace, he did very well, I think!

He would obviously be able to shave off some more minutes if he starts training according to his own capabilities.

But it would be a bit sad if I loose a running partner …

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