Super Seven Series – races 6 and 7


All good things must come to an end. Gerry on his way to the finish of the final event in the series.

Isn’t it amazing how time flies when you’re having fun? In a blink of an eye, two weeks have come and gone. And I don’t even have much to show for it.

Race 6 of the Super 7s was again a time trial session for us and we both managed to improve our times over the 7km course. Gerry’s time was a fair bit better, but mine not so much – only five seconds. I managed a 40:45 while Gerry ran a worthy time of 32:30 – more than a minute and a half faster than his previous attempt. Well done my Dear!

Race 7 was more of a recovery run after the 21.1km event two days before, so we had a nice easy jog to finish in about 45 minutes.

The Manawatu Striders had a welcoming event for new members, and also to say thank-you to all the hard working bees that helped to stage the events every Tuesday for the past seven weeks. Lovely eats and drinks were provided and a few lucky draws of free entries to the Striders’ half marathon were handed out, and I’m stoked to be one of the lucky recipients! Thank you Striders.

With the series at an end, we’ve decided to find ourselves a flattish course of around 5 to 7km to use as a time trial every now and again (weekly maybe?) to gauge our progress.

Super Seven Series – race 5


The Manawatu Striders in action

Some of the members of the hard working team behind the Super Seven Series each week, busy inflating and anchoring the start and finish banner. Getting everything set up and ready to play host to 1700+ participants takes a lot of hard work that starts early in the afternoon already. Like a well oiled machine each team member knows his/her role in the process to have the event run smoothly come 6:15pm. I don’t think many people realise just how much organising and effort go into staging events of this magnitude. And with the added bonus of receiving water, bananas and a sausage sizzle, it adds a whole new dimension to the planning and preperation.

A hearty thank you to the Manawatu Striders for putting together these highly successful and wonderful events for all to enjoy. Cheers!

Super Seven Series 2014 – Race 1

It’s summer in the Manawatu, and the Super Seven Series is under way. As reported in the local newspaper, the Manawatu Standard, “You know it is summer when the Striders Super Sevens starts up again.”

Tuesday evening we participated in the first of the 2014 series of runs (seven races of seven kilometres each) taking place on consecutive Tuesdays through January/February. And what an evening it turned out to be, with the rather foul weather of the previous few days making way for a lovely, balmy evening in Palmy. Which may in part explain why a whopping 1 659 people turned up. Continue reading

It’s time for the Super Seven Series!

It’s January, and if you’re a runner in the Manawatu, that means one thing – it’s time for the Super Seven Series!

Starting a week from today, the Super Sevens consist of 7 weekly runs of 7kms each, run every Tuesday afternoon from 14 January to 25 February. By far the biggest race series in the region, between 1400 and 1500 people from Palmerston North and its neighbouring towns turn out every Tuesday for a run along the Manawatu river. While I’m sure there’s some serious racing going on at the front of the field, for the most part it’s a laid back, social event, with participants of every shape and size joining in on the fun.

Hundreds of people next to the Manawatu River on their way back to the finish.

Hundreds of people next to the Manawatu River on their way back to the finish.

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Manawatu Striders Super Seven Series #3 (1 February 2011)

After our little stint through the Manawatu Gorge on Sunday, my muscles were (as expected) extremely tender. So much so, that I battled to go down stairs or anything that required using my quads. In fact, just plain walking required a whole amount of courage and clenching my teeth to try and overcome the overwhelmingly sore leg muscles. And having rested altogether for a day didn’t seem to help any!

But, crazy as only “runners” can be, we found ourselves at the start of the third SSS event. Again a huge field of over 1500 participants showed up. Anybody and everybody that moves in Palmy seems to be pitching up for these 7km run/walks. Continue reading