Super Seven Series – Race 3

Things were going well for the back-of-the-packers. We did our daily jog. Fitted in the long-runs on weekends. Entered for the Rotorua marathon which is happening on 2 May. And then life got in the way. Funny how this always happens the moment you commit to something big.

After the first Super 7 run two weeks ago, we planned to do the hard yards, pounding the pavements, do fartleks and some hill training to improve on our time as the weeks go on – treating these runs as a timetrial to gauge our progress. But then this, that and the other happened, and before you can say seven, we missed most of our training runs of the past two weeks, resulting in a very unfair disappearance of our fitness base. How can it happen so quickly? We worked hard at gaining a certain level of fitness over three to four months and all it takes is a few days of no running to lose a big chunk of that.

We lined up for the third event in the series knowing it will be a slow one. After the previous week’s less pleasant weather drawing only about a 1000 runners and walkers (we were out of town and had to miss it), week three saw nearly 1800 participants again. Not far before the Striders might reach their 2000 goal. And as is always the case, it remains one of life’s little underrated pleasures – running with hundreds of other people, hearing their footfall and chatter, knowing you share the same endorphin rush and silly grins afterwards. I guess it’s fair to say I mainly run for the joy of taking part in events. The fact that it’s also good for your health is a bonus. And to have events like these in your backyard, is just pure bliss.

We managed to finish in 45:30, which is a bit slower than what we were hoping for by the third event, but that’s life. You win some, you lose some. On the bright side there is ample room for improvement. 🙂

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