Shoe Clinic Wellington Half Marathon

Date: 5 July 2015

Distance: 21.1km

Time: 2:18.45

It’s been three months since our previous event. We took a couple of weeks off, travelled some, worked some more, winter rolled in, and with few events on the calendar as motivation or targets to work towards, we were very slack at trying to build up our fitness levels again. It’s not easy to get going again after a long lay off. I battled through every training run – the few we did manage to fit in between work and really crappy weather conditions.

Luckily the Wellington Half Marathon was on our calendar (not being ready for the 42 this time), forcing us to step out the door on occasions when you would much rather snuggle up in front of a fire. Unfortunately these occasions only happened few and far between, and for the most part laziness got the better of me. So with the minimum training and lots of trepidation, we headed south the night before. Friends had a house-warming party and what better way to carbo-load than with bubbly and pizza!

To my surprise the morning started off with absolute perfect weather. I was almost certain that after last years fairly decent weather (for Wellington, that is), we would have a very angry Huey this year. But lo and behold – the weather was even better! Sunny with only a light head-wind in the second half of our run. Okey, maybe a wee bit more than a slight wind at some points, but all still completely manageable.

Due to my very unfit state mainly due to a lack of long-runs I guess (and on top of that, coming off anti-biotics just one day before, for oral surgery), I decided to take it really easy. To just run well within myself and see how far I could get. My aim was a 15km run and then walk from there if needed. But I felt okey, probably because we started off slowly and resisted the temptation to get dragged along with the masses at a faster pace than planned. I ended up running the whole way, which I was quite chuffed with.

Prize-giving was long and we only managed to get away at around 3pm for the drive back to Palmy. Seeing so many familiar faces, friends and fellow club members was great. Already looking forward to our next outing!

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