Ignorence is bliss – Norsewood to Takapau

Date: 12 July 2015

Distance: 21.1km

Time: 2:15.03

Previous: 2014

If it wasn’t for the fact that in my mind it wasn’t going to rain, we would probably not have driven all the way to Hawke’s Bay to do the Norsewood to Takapau fun run again. The last time we checked the weather forecast (the night before), the prediction was for a fine day, overcast and cool, but no rain. So blissfully unaware was I of the updated forecast overnight that I didn’t even bother to pack any wet weather gear!

You can only imagine my surprise then when we found ourselves amidst a drizzle/mist spray during our drive from Palmy to Norsewood. Worst is, our training was also a bit off the rails again – another week of only two training runs, due to bad weather and other unforeseen circumstances. The usual weekend long-run was looming and because of a change in work schedule we ended up having the day free. And what better way to spent a Sunday morning than with other runners/walkers on an event. It was meant to be.

It struck me yet again how pretty the area is that’s playing host to this quaint country event. There’s quite a few of these small town events around, but this one stands out as one of the most serene and beautiful.

The morning was very cold as we drove over the Tararua’s towards Hawke’s Bay. The snow capped Ruahines was invisible in the mist. Parking at the finish at Takapau, we caught the free shuttle to the start, registered and as we were waiting for the start of the run, I could have sworn the temperature suddenly dropped by a few degrees! The drizzle was luckily only very tiny droplets, probably more like running into a mist cloud. This cleared after a few kilometres, but returned again and continued to mist-drizzle on and off throughout the run. For me it was very cold. I managed to run the whole 21.1km with long pants, a polyprop vest, long-sleeve t-shirt as well as a thin down jacket, and not boil from overheating. Oh, and have I mentioned I also wore a 100% wool beanie as well as a Buff around my neck? For the most part I was just comfortable – not too hot and not too cold.

The organisers changed the start to set off the cyclists first, which was a welcome change. Things weren’t as congested and I’m sure the cyclists appreciated that they didn’t had to dodge runners in the first couple of kilometres. On the out and back stretch, we counted the runners/walkers in our group (slower walkers started and hour earlier) and got to 42. It almost seemed like there might be more participants than the previous year, but apparently the numbers were less. Probably because of the weather?

A lovely undulating run in the rolling hills with a few climbs thrown in for good measure. Apart from the cold drizzle, we went okey and had a good run.

Eagerly we waited for prize-giving in the hope that we might be the lucky winners of another pot of honey, but it seems our luck has run out. Luckily Marian ended up getting the honey and kindly gave it to us, as it is a kind of honey that they don’t eat! We’ve never had clover honey before, but wasted no time giving it a try, and we love it – definitely don’t think it will last too long. Thanks M and S.

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