Round the Vines half marathon

Date: 20 March
Distance: 21.1 (20.4km with our GPS)
Time: 2:25.45
Previous: 2014, 2015

The Round the Vines saw its 21st running in 2016. And what a fantastic turnout (1500) for this amazing event. It is hard to believe that Martinborough, as such a small town, is able to put on such a mammoth size event. The organisers are doing something right! But who can fault this jolly-great-most-enjoyable event? Continue reading

Round the Vines

Date: 15 March 2015

Distance: 21.1km

Time: 2:13:43

This event is an absolute MUST on every runner, walker, crawler or otherwise breathing person’s calendar. It is the biggest jollification around with everybody dressing up and getting into the spirit of things, from the marshals to the drink stations, ushers and organisers. Words cannot describe the fun that is the Round the Vines. Continue reading

Round the Vines – half marathon

When first we stumbled upon this event, to be staged in the lovely town of Martinborough, we just knew it is a must do. We need to include long runs on weekends as training for the Rotorua marathon anyway, and what better way to do it than in events with lots if other runners. It’s much easier when you know you are not alone out there covering 20+km by yourself.

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