Going the ultra distance: Taniwha – 60km trail run

Date: 8 November 2014

Time: 8:27


Here’s a funny story. On our way to the start of the run, our 65 seater bus suddenly pulled over and a girl and guy jumped up and urgently stepped out of the bus. Everybody was like, huh?, but as they made a beeline to the nearest bush, laughter set in at the familiar sight. A girl has to go when a girl has to go. It turned out her husband had a chat with the bus driver a few minutes earlier asking him to make a pitstop and the driver kindly obliged.

The Taniwha (meaning protector or guardian of the river) is organised by Auckland based sporting events management company Total Sport and a host of distances are available to walkers, runners and cyclists alike. For the cyclists there’s 83, 60, 42.2 and 22km events with the 83km also available as a team relay. The runners have 60, 42.2, 21.1, 14 and 7km options with the 60km also as a team relay option. Walkers had the choice between 21.1, 14 and 7km routes. Route markings were excellent – there’s no getting lost, and the water stations were well stocked with water and GU Brew. The drink station at about 37km also offered Coke, bananas, pretzels and sweet biscuits. Continue reading