A sorry sight.

Yesterday, before discarding our 2013 year-planner (that had been stuck on the bathroom door for the past year), we decided, with some reservations, to add up the numbers and get an idea of our running/walking “accomplishments” of 2013.

I’m putting accomplishments in inverted commas because 2013 must have been more or less our worst running year since we first took up the habit at the turn of the century. Despite our best intentions, and numerous attempts to get back into some training schedule, our running just never got off the ground, and until the last quarter of the year we pretty much never managed to get beyond the breakdown phase of our training.

A friend of ours once said that, when you start training, the first 14 sessions are effectively break-down sessions, and as you start training you feel worse and worse until reaching the lowest point in session 14. After this you start building up, getting fitter and stronger and enjoying your running more. This is one of the many reasons why it’s a really bad idea to stop training once you’ve been training for a while – if you quit, you have to start over, and have to repeat the ’14-day agony’.


Looking back at 2013, our training log is a sorry sight of intermittent training, long gaps and multiple agony phases, with more layoff days than training days in the calendar. Counting up the kilometres, we got to the sad total of 679km training, made up of 381km running and 298km walking (he whispers quietly, looking around to make sure no one is within hearing distance).

Boy, how depressing is that? An average of less than 2km per day, walking and running included. At least things got a little better towards the end of the year, and we managed to keep going up to the point where we were able to complete a half-marathon (our first half in more than 2 years!) at the start of December.

After the half-marathon, our December consisted of a hike, very intermittent training, and then another hike to end the year. Not much actual running training, but at least we stayed active, covering some decent kilometres, and we’re now back in some form of regular training.

Here’s hoping we can keep it up – I really have a positive feeling about 2014, and with all the amazing running events coming up over the next few months (more on that in another post soon) things can only get better!

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