Date: 3 April

Distance: 31.5km

Time: 3:36

I am finding it increasingly more difficult to write objectively about events. Simply because I love doing events! The vibe, the people, the support, the fact that you get your training done with others – what’s not to like? Continue reading

Three Bridges Marathon

Date: 13 December 2014
Venue: Wanganui
Time: 4:52

I always find it amusing how people with the same goals in mind, tend to gravitate towards each other. Years ago, 2008, Gerry and I entered for the Cape Odyssey event as a team. It was a 5 day staged race over roughly 220km for teams of two people. (The event unfortunately had a short lifespan of only two years before it was cancelled.)

During our built up for this mammoth task, we entered a lot of other events of various distances all over the country. It’s always infinitely easier to cover long distances when you know there are other runners and everybody is going through the same effort and sometimes pain, plus you get support in the form of aid stations. The company on the road and getting to meet and chat to likeminded folk, sharing experiences and swopping tips and tricks, makes it all the more worthwhile. We’ve met so many wonderful people who became great friends afterwards. Continue reading

Marton to Wanganui (66.37km) – 10 September 2011


Running in the lovely country side, passing paddocks and farm buildings on the way.
Gerry, the small red speckle on the right.

After the Manawatu Half Marathon, Gerry and I worked out a serious training plan to get us (or should I rather say me!) over the Auckland marathon finish line at the end of October. I don’t suppose you can really call it a serious training plan, but for a typical knit-one-slip-one-type runner like myself, rarely covering more than 30km per week, the program looked like serious commitment. We basically planned to run at least 5 days a week and never to dip under 40km for our total weekly mileage. Ideally we’d like to do roughly 50km or more per week. It’s only been three weeks, but so far so good. Continue reading

The Wanganui Three Bridges marathon, half, 10 and 5km runs – 11 December 2010

I don’t like the wind. In fact, I want to go so far as to say that I hate the wind. And hate is a very strong word … My granny always used to love the wind. Her theory was that it blows away all the bad stuff and you end up with good clean air. I beg to differ. We once stayed in a small town where the wind could blow an elephant off its feet. And each time after such a, what felt like a tornado, our yard would be littered with flyers, pamphlets, newspaper pages and even crisps and chocolate wrappers from around the neighbourhood (and the air wasn’t cleaner either, but that’s another story altogether). Maybe we just stayed in a collecting corner? Continue reading